Digital Marketing

Getting your website up and running is essential the the success of your business – but it’s also just the first step of your overall digital strategy. You now need to get your website in front of your potential customers as fast as possible, in as many places as possible.

BlueTrunk can help your business get found online, increasing your website’s engagement with those you feel most necessary.

Social media marketing and ads

There’s a good chance a large number of your customers are hanging out on at least one social platform, if not many, and your business needs to be there too.

BlueTrunk can create and deliver a stream of social media content tailored for your customers in a variety of formats. Oh, and we also understand that there’s more to social media marketing than just random posting – we’re constantly analyzing results to perfect your message for your audience.

Google and Bing search optimization

When people need something, a web search is often the first step in their research process. It is critical that your website is tuned so your business appears in the results potential customers are searching for.

This tuning is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is a combination of research and technical implementation. BlueTrunk can help your business with SEO and get your company found online.

Google and Bing search ads

Did you know that you can pay to have your business appears at the top of search results? Search engine ads through Google and Bing can help make your company visible online, especially when faced with thick competition from similar companies, or if your company is new to your market. Oh, and the costs are probably less than you think.

BlueTrunk can craft your ads so they appear to those searching for your business’ offerings, manage the program for you, and keep costs at a minimum.

Questions about websites or digital marketing for your company?